We have a deep concern for our young people, and a desire to see them not only grow and develop into well-adjusted adults, but more importantly to see them build a biblical foundation for life, and accept Christ as their own personal Savior. We work diligently towards these goals with two primary kid’s programs: Regular Sunday School and Summer Vacation Bible School. Both programs are completely free, and we would absolutely love to see you and your family participate!

Regular Sunday School | Every Sunday 11:30am – 12:45pm
Our Sunday School classes range from Pre-K through High School, and are based on a small, intimate learning environment. Our dedicated teachers seek to lay a basic, biblical foundation for life in the young people, with an emphasis on their need of a Savior, and the absolute Christian joy that follows a personal relationship with Christ. Classes with younger kids often involve crafts and object lessons, while older classes have challenging discussions and lessons designed to not only point them to Christ, but show the value in a life lived for Him.

The Sunday School schedule each week is as follows:
– Snack (Bagels, Fruit, Juice) – 11:30am-12:00pm
– Singing – 12:00pm – 12:10pm
– Classroom Sessions – 12:10pm – 12:45om

Participation is absolutely free, transportation is available, and adult supervision is always provided. If you would like to come with your kids, you are welcome to attend the Adult Bible Class that runs concurrently in the main auditorium.

Vacation Bible School | Every Summer (July 15-19, 2019)
Our VBS program schedule is determined in early spring, and the details will post here. Generally the program is a themed program (2016 was Treasure Island, 2017 was Under the Sea!, 2018 was a Visit to the Zoo, and 2019 will be Setting Sail!) that is designed to cohesively present bible truths and the message of the gospel in a fun, engaging and memorable way. Each night has food, crafts, games, singing, bible lessons, prizes and more. We work hard to make it a very special time for the kids, and many of our students come back for the fun year after year!

The VBS Program is a no-cost program, and is completely free for you and your children! Transportation is available, and adult supervision is always provided. Many parents choose to stay for the entire program, and enjoy watching the kids and learning from the lessons – usually they are as much fun for the adults as they are for the kids!